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    Establishment of UIII, West Java Provincial Government Revised The Spatial Structure


    BANDUNG-West Java provincial government should revise the spatial structure in the Bodebekjur area as a consequence of the planned development project of Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) in Depok City.

    In addition, the government must also pocket UIII's legal status as a national strategic project (PSN) in West Java.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the revision efforts will be carried out in line with the completion of the social impact on the exemption of buildings in the ex RRI area in Depok City. It is currently preparing a structural organization of the UIII land acquisition team before it is submitted to the Governor of West Java.

    "Of course there needs to be some legal umbrella, the revision of spatial plan of the bodebekjur.This project must go in. The process is parallel, which is important we have a basis that in Depok this will be PSN, so it does not violate the rules," Iwa said after holding a meeting of the executive organization UIII land in Ciremai Room, Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung City, on Thursday (7/12).

    According to him, it has started to compile in terms of filing the document is the PSN document and its spatial revision.

    Moreover, they are in parallel to finalize the division of tasks for land acquisition there.

    "So the handling must be comprehensive and conducive," he said.

    Iwa said, UIII development is a big idea from the president. Indonesia with the most Muslims, it is natural that there are UIII present in Indonesia, not only in Egypt. This project is coordinated by vice and technically by Ministry of Religion Affairs. The project uses state land. The process of handover of Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Religious Affairs has been implemented.

    "In practice there will be an invetarization, especially about the land that is still occupied a small part.Thus, it is necessary to form a team to overcome this.This team should be formed in a decree.It is my director, Commander, Police, High Court, including Mayor of Depok and Regional Office of BPN, "he said.

    Stages organizational structure has been done, then, planning operations, invetarization, and appraisal. While for the construction is entirely the central authority, it helps solve the social impact, Iwa explained.

    "For the number of buildings again calculated, we are now continuing to socialize the community as well," he said. (Even)

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