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    Diphtheria Epidemic, Netty Hopes Health Office Working Fast


    BANDUNG-Diphtheria epidemic which is a deadly disease again hit Indonesia. Already 20 provinces are affected by this disease. Even the Minister of Health has set this case as an Extraordinary Events (KLB). Data from the Ministry of Health show up to November 2017, there are already 95 regencies and cities from 20 provinces reporting diphtheria cases. In total there are 622 cases, 32 of them died. While cases of diphtheria infection in West Java reached 109 cases with 13 of them died.

    Related to this matter, the Chairman of the Team of PKK West Java Province Netty Heryawan spoke. Netty hopes West Java Provincial Health Office can work quickly with Referral Hospital or Regional Hospital in West Java to provide the best service.

    "So any health problems experienced by this community is the responsibility of the government, both Provincial Government and regency / City Government. Therefore, the government should be able to provide excellent service for the community, "said Netty after opening Consultation Meeting (RAKON) PKK Year 2017 at the Office of PKK West Java Province, Soekarno Hatta Street No. 468 Bandung.

    On the other hand, data from the Head of West Java Provincial Health Office stated that 1/3 of diphtheria sufferers are not immunized. While the effort that is considered effective to prevent the occurrence of diphtheria itself is by giving immunization. Because with immunization will certainly provide immune protection against the disease specifically depending on the type of vaccine given.

    "Of course this is a 'homework' and our challenge to continue working in the community, especially educate the family so that the community or children can be prevented by following the five basic immunization program, one of which is DPT immunization," he continued.

    "I also suggest that in the era of technology speed like today we have to do creative and responsive work involving MUI and Religious Leaders to build trust in the middle of society, because when we talk about immunization there are still discussions in the middle of society about halal status of materials used in the immunization, "Netty added.

    Not to forget Netty conveyed to Participant RAKON PKK 2017 to follow this Consultation Meeting until complete so that every component of society including also Local Device can synergy between program which is held with factual condition and empirical situation in the society. So with a harmonious work is expected to be more effective results. Especially when this challenge to build West Java is not easy, including appealed to the entire family in West Java, especially the parents to give confidence in the government, one of the belief to give his children Immunization.

    "So we all believe the government will not be able to harm the people or make people miserable, one with the immunization program. I am sure the courage of the government in cooperation with the Biofarma, MUI, and also other community groups want to assert that immunization on this day no doubt, especially have obtained the clarity status of BP POM and MUI, "Netty said.

    "So let us together the immunization program for a more healthy generation in the future," he said.

    Previously known that the diphtheria outbreak is found in many developing countries where the number of vaccinations is still low. Diseases originating from bacteria called Corynebacterium diphtheriae are included in infectious diseases spread by inhalation of fluid from the mouth or nose of an infected person, from contaminated fingers or towels, and from contaminated milk.
    Patients with diphtheria usually show some symptoms, including mild symptoms such as flu in general. However, diphtheria also has distinctive symptoms such as a thick layer of gray in the throat and tonsils, fever, chills, enlarged glands in the neck, loud sounds like barking, sore throat, bluish skin, salivary excretion and discomfort on the body. That is why this diphtheria also plays a major role in contributing infant mortality rate in Indonesia.

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