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    Corruption Eradication Commitee Not Just Catch Corruptor


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Coordination Task Force on Prevention of KPK Asep Rahmat Suwandha explains, the role of anti-brokering institutions not only catch the corruptors alone but also become a watchdog institution and prevent corruption and nepotism corruption.

    This was stated in Gedung Sate when giving direction to the recipient of provincial fund, Thursday (7/12) held in West Hall.

    "KPK in the context of the implementation of the law has a mandate to do prevention.When viewed on tv it seems that KPK works only catch (corruptor) only, if there is still a presumption that we straighten that we are present in West Java to help the provincial government and local government to commit to stay away from corrupt practices, said Asep Rahmat.

    In addition, continued Asep, KPK also committed to build systems and governance according to laws that distanced from corrupt practices and how to maintain the integrity of institutions or individuals of corruption.

    "And it must be remembered by all ladies and gentlement who is present here that if you submitted a grant proposal of Rp20 million then the proposal should not be exaggerated or give commission to those who claim to help its management to be faster," said Asep. (Even)

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