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    Exhibition of West Java Handicraft Products at Graha Manggala Siliwangi


    BANDUNG-Economic growth in Indonesia is up to 5%, while every 1% is only able to accommodate 250,000 workers in the formal sector. If every year there are 3 million new workforce, and that accommodated only 1,250,000 workers, where did the 1,750,000 other workforce be distributed?

    This is what according to Chairman of the National Council of Local Handicraft (Dekranasda) West Java Province Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan became a driver of about 400,000 West Java residents migrate abroad as Indonesian Workers (TKI). In fact, said Netty, there is still an opportunity to empower the potential of self and even other communities, namely through the creative industry. Although she acknowledged that the risk of mutual twist is high, there is still a chance to survive through the exhibition event as organized by the Association of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Producers (ASEPHI).

    For the fifth time, ASEPHI held an exhibition entitled Pelangi Nusantara, at Graha Manggala Siliwangi Aceh Street no.66 Bandung. The exhibition begins on Wednesday (06/12/2017) until December 10, 2017. Chairman of the Regional Board (BPD) ASEPHI West Java Hedi Yamasari revealed, this exhibition aims to raise the spirit of the craftsmen and creative industries business. Proven successful, the beginning of this exhibition has only 44 booths, while this time the number jumped to 111 booths.

    "In PVJ (Mall Parisj Van Java Bandung) only 44 participants, but now there are 111 booths from various regions," said Hedi. "Our work is not inferior to the work of foreign (country) Do not be discouraged!", He continued motivating.

    This ASEPHI work is reaping praise from Netty. He considered ASEPHI dare to show its competitiveness among the leading products from abroad. In addition, ASEPHI also continues to maintain its quality, so firmly Netty said, she will start swadesi make use of local products in the country as a new lifestyle.

    "Since I was first invited to the 3rd Pelangi Nusantara exhibition in PVJ, their first goal is to improve competitiveness, so brave exhibition in PVJ when there are many reputable brands from outside, but dare to display local products. there's always something new, exciting and better for this Pelangi Nusantara exhibition, "Netty said.

    "The pride we use (local products) it must be proven, from top (head) to bottom (feet), from living room to bedroom, he continued.

    Making local products, especially products from West Java, as a new lifestyle not only welfare craftsmen in the country, but also a positive impact on labor absorption. Given the Governor and Vice Governor political promise to prepare two million jobs, Netty revealed that to date 1,821,655 jobs have been achieved. Netty is confident that within two months the target of two million will be achieved through a new entrepreneurship program strategy (WUB) and craftsmen optimization in the creative industry.

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