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    Two Google Quota Friendly Apps, Wanna Try?


    BANDUNG-Continuing Google's efforts in developing products for billions of new Internet users (Next Billion Users), Google launched two more applications designed based on user study results in Indonesia.

    Products Communications Head, Google Indonesia, Putri Silalahi said the application is, Google Go is a quota-saving Google search app for phones with limitations of the Internet and Wi-Fi and Files Go apps, apps to send and receive files without using the Internet, and help smoothing the storage of files on your phone faster.

    Based on Google research in 170 cities spread across Indonesia and India, new users of this Internet tend to use a simple phone with a memory capacity between 512 MB to 1 GB. They also often access the internet in places with unstable network quality.

    "Google Go is made to work faster on phones with low RAM and 2G Internet networks," he told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (7/12/2017)

    One of the advantages Google Go is this application only takes 5 MB memory slot. Thanks to Google's innovation development for mobile computing technology, users can save up to 40% in quota when they search for information with Google Go. The site loads faster, even from devices with low RAM on 2G networks.

    Google Go is available in the Play Store in preview (preview) versions for users in Indonesia and India. Visit g.co/googlego to try this app now.

    "If your Internet disconnects while searching for information on Google, this app will automatically deliver search results when you get back online," he said.

    Files Go application is designed to make it easier for users to manage and clean the file storage slot on the phone through 3 main features ie Cleaning the file storage slot (Storage), Sending and receiving files without using quotas and storing backup files in the cloud.

    In Files Go's trial period, Google found that the average user can save up to 1 GB of storage slot in the first month. "Today, Files Go is globally available on the Play Store for all phones with a minimal Android 5.0 OS (Lollipop)," he concluded (MAT)

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