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    Indonesia's Vaccine Needed in Many Islamic Countries


    BANDUNG-The 6th Islamic Conference The Ministry of Health or High Level Meeting of the Minister of Islamic State Health is held again on 5 - 7 December 2017, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Present 57 Health Ministers from Islamic countries, among others; Minister of Health and Indonesian delegation and Bio Farma. Minister of Health of Turkey, Minister of Health of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and delegation from OIC member countries.
    From the release of PT Bio Farma Public Relations, the result of a senior official meeting on December 5, 2017, it was decided that Indonesia was officially believed to be the Center of Excellence for vaccines and biotechnology for the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
    As the leader of the Indonesian delegation, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Nila F Moeloek, on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Jeddah, presented his presentation on "the implementation of SGDs, in the last two years in Indonesia, also on Indonesia's commitment to improving access to vaccines, Indonesia's vast territory comprising the archipelago so that commitment is required for such access, through the role of President, cross-sector, local government, community and religious leaders ".
    Director of Marketing Bio Farma, M Rahman Rustan who also attended the meeting said, "With the belief of Indonesia as a joint research center, indicates that Indonesia is considered a qualified country in terms of making vaccines, so that will be a reference OIC countries.

    "As a Center of Excellence Vaccine, this means, OIC Countries, will trust the provision of vaccines for his country, to Indonesia, through Bio Farma", said Rahman.

    Rahman added, "Bio Farma encourages independence of vaccines between Islamic countries, so that vaccine producers can increase capacity and facilitate the vaccine industry to synergize"

    "Bio Farma can provide end products Vaccines and vaccine / bulk materials, both technology transfer and joint collaboration vaccine production" said Rahman.

    The Indonesian delegation led by the Minister of Health, at the meeting also presented a healthy Indonesia development exhibition, with three pillars including Germas and JKN, Indonesian Hajj health services, and the roadmap of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Devices. (Even)

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