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    Starting Next Week, Gedung Sate Museum Opens for Public


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government will soon inaugurate Gedung Sate Museum on Friday (8/12/17) afternoon. Starting next week, the people of West Java will be able to visit the museum located in the eastern part of Gedung Sate and get a history-filled experience with a touch of digital technology.

    Head of West Java Publication Section Ade Sukalsah said the museum has an area of 500 square meters is free for public until the end of December 2017. For the price of admission in the next month around Rp5000. "For the operational time, at 10:00 to 16:00 pm. Open every day, Monday holiday, "he explained at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (6/12/17).

    This museum concept about the architecture of gedung sate (as the most beautiful building in the world) and the history that accompanies it. it has three segments: First segment, prologue; Second segment, exploration; The third segment, contemplation.

    Chairman of Gedung Sate Museum Team, Ade Garnandi said the museum was built because Gedung Sate is a symbol in West Java which has high historical value. "There are values of struggle here, some even to sacrifice their body and soul protect their status as belonging to the Indonesian nation," he said.

    Ade said the museum was designed from two years. Information search (research) done to the Netherlands and some library museum there. Physical construction of the museum located on the ground floor of Gedung Sate this takes five months with completion of museum content performed approximately 3.5 months.

    Content team of Gedung Sate Museum must fly to the Netherlands, because Gedung Sate is made in colonial era, so it is necessary to research the history of the country of origin of the architect.

    Although the theme of history, visitors will feel the sensation of interactive technology while digging information from this museum. Technology such as touch screen that provides information through interesting graphics into attractions of Gedung Sate Museum.

    Visitors can also try virtual reality glasses that make visitors as if to ride a hot air balloon surrounding the Gedung Sate. There is also a room that makes visitors as if involved in the work of Gedung Sate, with augmented reality technology.

    In this museum, said Ade, visitors can not only see the history of Gedung Sate, only, but also the history of Bandung. Ade said the information to be presented in this museum will also be displayed using digital technology. Thus, he continued, the content displayed is easily understood by people from various circles from children to parents.

    Not only that, he said, the content inside the museum can be updated if there are errors or new discoveries. Thus, the historical information presented is not erroneous and in accordance with scientific facts.

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