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    Demiz: Royalty of Film is Billions No Need Corruption


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, until now he still enjoys the results of the creative industry in the field of cinema that has long been done. Even though he is now a vice governor, the royalty of the film still exists.

    "Graduated from Vocational School I went to health department civil servant, just two years, then play the movie, so the director eventually became Vice Governor of West Java. I just sit and sleep movie royalty is still billions, so do not need corruption, "he said telling of his life experience to motivate thousands of New Entrepreneur participants in 2017 in West Java Islamic Center, Wednesday (6/12).

    According to the creative industry has long been growing in Indonesia, but in recent years, the Indonesian creative industry growing rapidly, ranging from traditional creative to digital creative.

    The sweetness of the creative industry business has been felt, and until now even the results of creative industries that live still provide benefits, because royalty is now also appreciated in Indonesia.

    "If the creative person is sought, many are waiting. I was offered money to make movies, because there are expensive creative ideas. Well, this New Entrepreneur must also be creative. The more creative it will become more sought after. Later income will be obtained, work so enjoy, "he said.

    He said the West Java market is very potential because of its large population. Especially with the implementation of the MEA, the potential market of creative industries could reach 650 million people. If China entered the free market, then the market potential will be even greater, as long as certainly can compete with quality products. jo

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