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    New Entrepreneurs Showcase Attractive Products at WUB 2017 Festival


    BANDUNG-Located in the Center of Islamic Center (Pusdai) of West Java (Jabar) Diponegoro Street Bandung, hundreds of new business entrepreneurs (WUB) showcased their products, ranging from fashion products, handicrafts to culinary.

    The exhibition of products packaged in the WUB Festival of 2017 was opened by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar and attended by the Head of West Java Trade Service Hening Widiatmoko, Head of West Java Cooperatives and SMEs Dudi Sudrajat and Atalia Kamil, representing young entrepreneurs from the city of Bandung.

    In the opening speech, Deddy Mizwar said, after successfully printing new business entrepreneurs, the next step is that these new entrepreneurs have to go up the class, using digital.

    "New Entrepreneur should be ready to meet the digital era, inevitably must be able to take advantage of digital," he said, Tuesday (6/12).

    He said the theme at this exhibition is New Entrepreneur is Ready to Welcoming the Digital Age, very compatible with the conditions that occur today, where almost all the activities of society can not be separated from the digital world.

    So according to New Entrepreneur development should also be separated from the digital technology.

    "Technology can not be rejected, which can not take advantage of technology, will certainly be crushed. So immediately open the net work as wide as possible, "said Demiz. jo

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