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    Yayat: West Java Regional Head Election As a Political Tourism Event


    BANDUNG-West Java Election Commission (KPU) will make the election of regional heads (pilkada) simultaneously and general election (general) 2018 as a political tourism event.

    Chairman of West Java KPU, Yayat Hidayat explain his paty obliged to hold the election of West Java governor (pilgub) in accordance with the will of the people who took place honestly and fairly (jurdil) and direct, public, free, secret (luber).

    For that, in order to get there then the implementation of election must be held in a happy atmosphere, full of joy and smile. It is in accordance with the identity of the famous Sundanese with someah hade kasemah.

    "Do not let the election make West Java citizens lose its happiness. West Java elections should be done joy that the implementation will contrast with the next province," said Yayat told reporters at Sasana Budaya Ganesha Bandung, Tuesday night (5/12/2017)

    Yayat hopes this election as a political tour so that tourists who visit to West Java not only enjoy culinary and natural charm, but also make the election momentum as a tourist destination, because it is considered interesting and far from the conflict.

    "We want to realize this election as a political tour, making people curious to come to West Java," said Yayat.

    He added that if the election run smoothly and safely it will create a positive perception for the community. So that the public will flock to the Voting Station (TPS) to select the regional head that is expected. "Conversely, if it is difficult to convince the public to attract interest in the elections, then the democratic party as expected will be far from the target," he concluded (MAT)

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