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    27 June 2018 West Java Regional Head Election Implementation


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan appealed to the public to give their voting rights in choosing a new West Java leader on 27 June 2018.

    For that, Kang Aher greeting Governor of West Java requested that the West Java General Election Commission (KPU) to immediately socialize the implementation of West Java election to the community.

    This was stated by Kang Aher, during the Launching event of West Java Governor Election 2018 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha Building (Sabuga), Bandung, Tuesday night (5/12/2017).

    "There is one point of Voting Place (TPS) and one time is 27 June 2018 as the election time.
    If the next three months succeed and 99.9 percent of people know that the date of West Java General Election then the greatest General Election Commitee chairman is Mr. Yayat Hidayat, "said Aher.

    On behalf of the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java thank the General Election Commitee including its closest partner who has organized regional head election in advance which is very good even better in the future with a determination that the regional head election in the future become a comfortable election even it can be said as a tourist pleasant politics.

    "This is a phrase that was first spoken all over the world yet no one said that democracy as a new political tourism took place in western Java," said Aher.

    Aher revealed, West Java as the organizer and the responsible will conduct election with the best. Although the organizer is actually the authority of the Election Commission and Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu), but according to the Law of the responsible person is the Governor of West Java.

    It is on this responsibility that the Governor facilitates all matters including budget election by not reducing the financing.

    "The point is the count proposed by the General Election Commitee regardless of the corresponding number then the budget disbursed without any problems," said Aher.

    Aher added, the budget of West Java election soon be completed by transferring to the Regency / Municipal General Election Commitee. Likewise the various stages of regional head election should be implemented carefully. One of the requirements for good elections is good regulations, budgets and organizers including KDP and PPS.

    "It is expected that the electoral duties to be the best organizer and to make the election as a good political tourism," he concluded (MAT)

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