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    3,000 People Attended Launching of West Java Governor Election 2018


    BANDUNG-Election Commission (KPU) of West Java held the launching of West Java Governor Election 2018 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) Building, Bandung, Tuesday night (5/12/2017).

    Launching themed "Medal Munggaran Pilgub Jabar 2018" presents thousands of people. They come from the Subdistrict Selection Committee (PPK) and the Voting Committee (PPS) from 27 regencies / cities in West Java.

    Chairman of Launching West Java Governor Election Committee, Nina Yuningsih said although the stage of  West Java Governor Election has been running, but only officially launched early this December. The reason, the launching is scheduled after the establishment of PPK and PPS completed.

    Launching  of West Java Governor Election is also the launch of West Java KPU tagline in welcoming  Regional Head Election Simultaneously. The tagline is "Pilgub Jabar SEMARAK, Pilkada Serembak GEMBIRA". SEMARAK means Spirit, Independent, Friendly and Accessible. While GEMBIRA means the Movement of Building Dignity and Justice Democracy.

    According to Nina Yuningsih, the tagline was taken because want to create West Java Governor Election take place lively and happy. The spirit is instilled in the middle of the phenomenon of people who tend to be fragmented and easily instigated in every election implementation.

    "We do not want conflict due to differences. Moreover, West Java province is very diverse and inhabited by different citizens ranging from tribe, religion and culture, "said Nina.

    Meanwhile, the launching of West Java Governor Election took place lively. The Sabuga building is full of invited guests. Noted more than 3 thousand people who attended the launching. Starting from the Chairman of Indonesia General Election Commissions, Indonesia electoral supervisory bodies, General Election Commissions Provincial Commissioner from all over Indonesia, Regency / City Commissioner of West Java as well as representative of PPK and PPS in West Java.

    Also attending the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, as well as representatives from other deliberations of regional leaders elements. Then Regent / Mayor of West Java and Members of Provincial and Regency / City Parliament as West Java and representatives of Political Parties.

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