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    Vice Governor Opened BIDAf 2017


    BANDUNG-Creative industry is an industry commodity that keeps growing well, while other industrial commodities such as oil palm, coal and oil and gas are down.

    This is what makes more and more creative industries grow, as well as in West Java. Festivals related to creative industry are mostly done including creative digital, such as Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (BIDAf) 2017 which was opened by Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, Tuesday night (5/11).

    "The creative industry is very much even already export and demand abroad," he said.

    Dedy, in his speech said the total exports of creative industries reached Rp118 trillion or about 5.7% of total national exports. In addition, the creative industry is also able to absorb labor up to 10 million people.

    Even the export of creative industries including creative digital precisely to the country of international creative digital producers, especially related to animation and games. So if the industry is growing rapidly, it will be more and more workers are absorbed in West Java, said Demiz.

    "This is why West Java Provincial Government is very supportive of the development of this creative digital industry, in collaboration with academics, one of them is Telkom University." We continue to open this opportunity, "he said. Jo

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