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    Flood Around Kertajati Airport Project


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government and PT West Java International Airport (BIJB) made several steps to handle the flooding that occurred around the airport construction project this rainy season. The residents complained about the overflow of water due to high rainfall in Kertajati subdistrict, responded directly by West Java Provincial Government and PT BIJB by making improvements to the water channel.

    The flood handling solution was carried out in a closed meeting that was conducted at the end of last week, involving West Java Transportation Office, PSDA WS Cimanuk - Cisanggarung, BBWS Cimanuk - Cisanggarung, PPSDA Majalengka, and PT BIJB as airport project implementation.

    According to the President Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra, overflow of water at some point due to not able to accommodate the flow of water from head Cibolerang River to Situ Jawura, Kertajati subdistrict, Majalengka Regency. This is caused by high rainfall.

    The results of a study with the Office of Natural Resources Province of West Java rain that occurred lately not enough to accommodate the volume of water. For example on November 16th, it rained 5 hours which flushed with an intensity of 116 mm. The swift water with a capacity of 15 m3 / sec makes Situ Jawura load uncontrollable.

    From the previous development scenario, the water flowing from the Cibolerang River Master should flow to the downstream drainage and divided into Situ Jawura.

    "Then from Situ Jawura there are two water gates that can be channeled into the Cibuaya River and re-enter Cimaneuh Lake, but the current water overflow problem occurs in the downstream of Cibuaya River," he said in Bandung, Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

    "This handling will be done in accordance with the airport drainage development masterplan, including Cibuaya handled through CSR," continued Wasfan.

    Situ Jawura with an area of 42 hectares and Situ Cimaneuh 27 hectares is quite central to control the entry and exit of water in the Kertajati subdistrict and Jatitujuh subdistrict. Through the results of a study conducted with the Office of SDA West Java Province, Situ Jawura and Situ Cimaneuh should be re-done dredging.

    "This is done to accommodate the water from the Cibolerang River," he said.

    In addition to reducing the water load in Situ Jawura and Situ Cimaneuh if heavy rains occur, PT BIJB will also open new channels that are currently in closed condition. This step is to increase water capacity.

    For short-term on site will also be provided pump where the volume of water continues to exceed capacity, especially in the current rainy season. Reactivation of channels and culverts is also the right choice. "This is to divide the water load from Situ Jawura and Situ Cimaneuh," he said.

    As long as the commitment of PT BIJB to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, water supply from Cibolerang River to Ciduwet River is done immediately. The census will be adapted to the construction of degraded land channels. "This is a preventive action in the future," he said.

    Head of West Java Transportation Department Dedi Taufik said, his side with PT BIJB remain committed to minimize the impact on the environment of residents by making improvements to the water channels. Situ Jawura who became the water controller has been included in the government priority in this case the Department of Transportation of West Java.

    "We have done the meeting and coordinated with the PSDA and BIJB itself.For Jawura is now being done dredging and other work .. For Ciduwet we also make the flow of water," said Dedi when contacted separately.

    He added, the overflow of water that occurred in several channels due to high rainfall in recent days. "Rainfall is high, construction is ongoing, but it's quiet because the projects we are working on are also network systems including the handling of the floods," added Dedi.

    With a few handling steps he hopes, flood problems due to massive airport project development can be overcome. Especially when this development is also included in other supporting stages such as non-toll roads as an accessibility to the airport is projected to operate in 2018.

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