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    West Java Declares War on Hoax


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) said that West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) declares war against false information or hoax.

    He considered, the spread of hoax news in social media (medsos) is massive. Therefore, in the near future will declare war on hoax as an effort to counteract the issue of hoax and make people aware that the hoax is slander.

    "Hoax is a negative impact for the community.Is there happiness in the community with slander ?, no urgency spread the news," said Deddy Mizwar after opening the Seminar on Hoax Anticipation in 2018 Election in West Java and Journalist Competency Test (UKW) in Bandung on Tuesday (4/12/2017)

    According to Demiz, the role of government in fighting hoax is very important, because doing checks and re-information does not mean slander others. "Doing slander as well as murder," Demiz said.

    In an effort to ward off the hoax news he ordered to apply the nature of prophet Muhammad SAW such as Sidiq, Tablig, Amanah and Fatonah. He appealed to the public not to be easy to trust information, including spreading the news that is not certain truth.

    "People must be Tabayun and selective in consuming news," Demiz said

    Demiz insists, the facts presented should be completely in accordance with reality. He considered the facts are sacred and are obliged to convey the truth.

    "This is in accordance with the nature of Rosul namely Fatonah which means intelligent and broad-minded so as to analyze and read the situation. Not all that is required by the community but how to convey this truth must be needed intelligence," he concluded. (MAT)

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