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    BIDAF Introduces Digital Art


    BANDUNG-Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (BIDAF) held again by Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province on Tuesday-Thursday 5-7 December 2017, in Multipurpose Building of Telecommunication University of Bandung. According to the plan, the event was opened by Vice Governor of West Java, Dedy Mizwar.

    Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province Ida Hernida explains, this activity aims to West Java serve as a center of digital art development in Southeast Asia and as the spearhead of production and education of digital art in Indonesia.

    In addition, digital art as an icon popularized especially Bandung as an international cultural tourism destination. It is also an active participation to realize the creative economy program launched by the government.

    "This activity also aims to strengthen the position of Indonesia in global market competition arena in the field of creative industry," said Ida told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (05/12/2017)

    Ida revealed that BIDAF's activities include digital art exhibitions of various genres, various forms of digital art, digital art workshops and equipment sales related to digital art technology. Its speakers are domestic and foreign digital practitioners, Australia, Germany, France, Philippines, Canada and Thailand, Ida said.

    Please note, that the development of digital art in West Java is still very limited. Universities that have complete digital art courses have not yet existed in West Java. In other words, the people of West Java are still not aware of a new cultural space of life called Digital Arts.

    Ida added that on the basis of the West Java Provincial Government intends to hold an international festival of digital art in the city of Bandung, which this activity has been routinely implemented by West Java Tourism and Culture Office, with the name of Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (BIDAF).

    "This should be immediately socialized to the public a lot. Society must be concretely given full information that the presence of digital art today can provide new opportunities for the young generation of West Java, especially to have and open new jobs, "she concluded (MAT)

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