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    Jokowi Distributed 10 Thousand Certificates of Land in Bandung Regency


    BANDUNG REGENCY-The President of RI Joko Widodo gave 10 thousand certificates of land rights to the people of Bandung Regency, in Bale Rame Sabilulungan, Pamekaran Village, Soreang, Monday (04/12).

    "This (certificate) is a sign of the rights of the land that we have, if it holds this certificate it's gonna be alright," said Jokowi.

    In Bandung Regency there is a total of 1.6 million land plots but the current certified new 400 thousand parcels of land. President Jokowi targets all areas of land in Bandung regency certified to a maximum of 2025.

    "Means here there are 1.2 million parcels of land that have not been certified, by 2025 here must be completed everything," said Jokowi

    During 2017, 5 Million Land Certificates have been issued by the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning through the National Land Agency (Badan Pertanahan Nasional). The figure is targeted to rise to 7 Million land certificates issued in 2018 and 9 Million in 2019.

    "I have ordered the Minister of ATR next year 7 million certificates must be out, next year is 9 million, however the people must be served, must hold the certificate," said Jokowi.

    Minister of ATR / BPN Sofyan Djalil said, the delivery of land certificate for the community in Bandung regency is the location to 47 since the first certificate submitted by President Jokowi on October 10, 2016 and then in Yogkakarta.

    "The number of certificates already submitted by the President to date is 206,016 fields," he said.

    Sofyan Djalil speculates in Bandung Regency the estimated number of parcels of eksisiting currently reaches 1,633,015. While the listed land area is 395,667 (24.23%) and the unregistered 1,237,348 (75.77%). Actual issuance of land certificate to date has reached 15,593 parcels of land from the target Systematic Complete Land Registration (PTSL) in 2017 as much as 16,000.

    Meanwhile, the total number of parcels in West Java reached 19,852,152. The registered land area has reached 6,527,635 (32.88%). The remaining 13,324,517 (67.12%) of land has not been registered.

    "The target of Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) in West Java in 2017 is 594,500 and the realization of the issuance of certificate until now has reached 311,791," said Sofyan Djalil.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan who also attended the opportunity revealed that the increasing number of certificates of land rights will affect the legal certainty of land assets for the community, government and business world. On the other hand, unlocated land will be vulnerable to land disputes and conflicts.

    "This is in the framework of the orderly administration of land and the guarantee of legal certainty of land rights," said Aher.

    Aher hopes that after the issuance of certificates there is coordination with various stakeholders including the financial services industry in community empowerment program to provide guidance and facilitation to certificate recipients.

    "Thanks to the ranks of the Regional Office of BPN and BPN City / Regency office which has accelerated the certification of land through this national strategic program in West Java," said Aher. (Even)

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