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    Demiz: Movies are Commodities That can be Traded


    SUBANG REGENCY-A Series of West Java Film Festival (FFJB) 2017 Roadshow with screening agenda of film participants for short film and video music categories was held in Graha Sofia Building STIESA Subang Regency, Monday (04/12/2017 ).

    In the event, several short films from some of the festival participants with the theme of FFJB this year are freed through the boundaries.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar presents to give his speech and experience as a man of cinema as well as motivate participants to continue making movies.

    "Film is one of the commodities that can be traded," said Vice Governor Demiz in his speech.

    Demiz says that this is the era of creative economy that can express our ideas and make money with the film. Nowadays, making movie does not have to use our own money but can be another way that is looking for investors to finance the film to be made.

    We can create what is in our minds with the film media, one of the containers by following this film festival.

    The purpose of this festival so that friends (participants) in the regency / city continue to make movies. Especially now everyone has mobile phones that can be used to make movies.

    "Got a cell phone but do not make a movie, wah this is not a child of today," said Vice Governor Demiz.

    Demiz invites participants to continue making short films, expressing their views and ideas by making movies using aesthetics and technology. Start today and start from now.

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