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    Number of Health Insurance Administering Agency Participants in West Java Reach 22 Million


    BANDUNG - Health Insurance Administering Agency (BPJS) as a Public Legal Entity is now the foundation of society in the issue of health insurance and continuous improvement BPJS Health related to its function.

    Deputy Director of BPJS Health West Java Region, Mohammad Edison said, the total membership of JKN-KIS program in the Deputy West Java area as of 10 November 2017 reached 22,371,433 or about 70 percent.

    "The number of residents in the work area of Deputy West Java as many as 33,841,389 people who come from various segments including the population registered by the Local Government through Jamkesda Integration," he said.

    Edison also said, all local governments that reach 22 cities and districts that enter into the Working Area Deputy West Java has been integrating its Health Insurance into JKN-KIS program.

    "We give appreciation to the local government and regency who have integrated its Health Insurance to HKN-KIS Program," said Edison, in Media Gathering with the theme of "Moving Together Realizing Healthy Society," Monday (04/12). (Parno)

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