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    Accelerate Regional Financial Access


    BANDUNG-West Java Legislative Council (DPRD) Chairman Ine Purwadewi supported efforts to accelerate the regional financial access (PAKD) to create equitable economic growth.

    "There should be an acceleration in order to more equitable development," she stated at the Intercontinental Hotel Bandung, Thursday (28/1).

    She said the budget absorption in 2015 reached above 90 percent, but this year should be much better because the procurement process of goods can be performed.

    It was similar said by OJK head West Java representative Sarwono. Regarding to PAKD program it should be done with active participation by local government. "We will follow up the results of the PAKD team to the ministry, in order to accelerate the process of regional financial access," he said.

    According to him there are many people in remote areas do not have access in service banking products. Then through this way it is expected to increase the financial access.

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