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    Demiz Invites Muslims to Increase Tolerance


    TASIKMALAYA-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) invites Muslims to continue to enlarge the sense of tolerance. It was revealed by Demiz when giving speech at the opening of Qini National Pesantren Tarekat Idrisiyyah Cisayong Tasikmalaya Regency, Saturday night (2/12).

    "Tolerance is taught by Rosululloh in his stories like the story of Rosul while taking care of blind Jewish beggar, then when pray itself He lingered but when a priest, the pray is shortened" he said.
    Demiz also appreciated the Pesantren Tarekat Idrisiyyah which has held Qini (national meeting) 136 times.

    "This is not an easy matter, only those who are consistent and earnest can do it" said Demiz.

    On the same occasion, Demiz also advised the scholars and students to participate in maintaining conduciveness during the implementation of elections in conjunction 2018.

    "There are 16 regencies / cities and one province in West Java which will hold the elections in 2018. I hope the scholars and students participate in maintaining the condition of West Java so that the elections will run safely and orderly," he asserted that the role of ulema and student are very important. (Even)

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