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    President and Governor of West Java Commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of PGRI


    BEKASI-Commemoration of the 72nd Birthday of Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), as well as National Teacher Day (HGN) took place at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi city, West Java, Saturday (02/12/2017).

    President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi), who attended the event, claimed to be proud to celebrate the big day.

    Jokowi also considered, the celebration of the anniversary became a momentum to clean up, related to education services that have been passed to the public. Therefore, education is very important in determining the future of the nation.

    "Through education we strengthen the identity of the nation's character," said Jokowi.

    Jokowi also assessed the role of a very large teacher services to him. He claims it is impossible to become president, without the forging of his teachers at the educational institutions he once attend.

    "Therefore, I would like to convey my respect to the teachers who have trained me to be president," he said.

    In the present era, Jokowi appealed to teachers not to stutter the technology (gaptek), even better yet teachers can creativity, utilizing technological advances in running learning activities.

    However, teachers also need to be cautious in supervising children even themselves in exploiting the ease of technology with unlimited access.

    "Teachers of the era must now understand the technology, to have more knowledge of their students, but be careful in playing social media which is now a very fast technology in spreading issues or news," Jokowi appealed.

    Using the theme, 'Increasing Teacher Collective Awareness in Improving Discipline and Working Ethics for Strengthening Character Education,' the 2017 HGN and HGN Anniversary was attended by 38 thousand teachers from all over Indonesia.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed that teachers become an important factor in the progress of a nation. Therefore, call Aher, attention to teachers should be given so that the quality remains prime in educating the generation of nation, both in academic and moral education.

    "Teachers are entitled to trainings, including their welfare," said Governor Aher.

    Aher also made sure to make the efforts he mentioned. Especially since January 2017 and then, based on Law 23 of 2014, Provincial Government was given authority to manage High / Vocational School.

    Immediately, Aher said that his party has made efforts to equitable distribution of teachers, to the T3 or disadvantaged areas, remote, outermost in West Java, for the sake of equity.

    "The provincial government has initiated the distribution of the quality of education in West Java, has also initiated a child-friendly school, a child-friendly schooling school, no violence, so teachers will become parents at school," added the Governor.

    Chairman of the Executive Board (PB) PGRI Unifah Rosyidi said the teacher is a strategic component that decided educational success, and laid the foundation for the development of potential learners with appropriate targets of the Central Government.

    So do not forget, Unifah also thank the teachers for the contribution and dedication that has been given so far.

    "Hopefully what has been attempted by teachers so far can be fought with the acquisition of policies from the Central Government and Local Government, thus spurring work ethic that has been given to learners," he said.

    Also attending the event, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, Chief of Staff of President of Teten Masduki, Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi

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