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    Pusdiklatpri Building is Officially Becoming Asset of Cirebon City Government


    CIREBON-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) signed the Grant of Handing Over the Assets of Pusdiklatpri Building (former Asrama Haji) from West Java Provincial Government to Cirebon City Government, Adipura Kencana City Hall Cirebon, Friday (01/12/2017).

    Aher hopes, the grant of Pusdiklatpri building can have benefits for the advancement of public service in Cirebon city.

    "This government asset is intended to be put to good use. For that, Provincial Government to give to Cirebon City may be useful for the progress of the city and the needs of the community, "said Aher.

    Aher said the grant is also a cross-grant, in which the West Java Provincial Government is also entitled to take over the management of Krucuk Park.

    Moreover, Krucuk Park itself, indeed the improvement is done from the provincial funds. Aher plans to develop a technopark concept in the region, as the Ciayumajakuning metropolitan area continues to advance.

    Currently Pusdiklatpri Building itself is borrowed as a campus of University of Nahdlatul Ulama. With the delivery of this asset, Cirebon municipal government will have the authority to manage the building.

    In line with the Governor, Mayor of Cirebon Nasrudin Azis, said that his side will utilize the building as well as possible in fulfilling the public interest.

    "I will maximize for the needs and interests of the people of Cirebon City," said Azis.

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