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    Kuningan Siliwangi Bridge Operates Again


    KUNINGAN-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated the operation of Siliwangi Bridge, in Babakan Hamlet, RT 02 / RW 04, Padamulya Village, Maleber subdistrict, Kuningan Regency, West Java, Friday (01/12/2017).

    Siliwangi Bridge at the beginning of 2017 was damaged due to flooding that crashed caused a crack, as well as a shift of the bridge pole, so the bridge can not be utilized by the community.

    "Firstly, we are grateful that this Siliwangi Bridge is back in operation, at that time there was a massive flood disaster that crashed big enough there was a crack or a shift of the bridge, so that as early as 2017 the bridge was not used because it is dangerous for the people's safety," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    With the help of Rp2.5 billion from the Provincial Government, Aher said, the bridge that stood on the Cisanggarung River can be renovated within a few months and can now operate again.

    When the bridge connecting Maleber Village, Parakan, to Padamulya Village, Maleber Sub-district was damaged, the villagers had to pass through three other villages by turning the direction of Buniasih Village, Cinagara, and Mekarsari with a distance of 10 kilometers, just to cross.

    Now, after the signing process of inscription and ribbon scissors by Governor of West Java, Siliwangi Bridge along 50 meters, width of 5.2 meters is officially operate again, and facilitate the movement of citizens.

    Not to forget, Aher asks local residents to maintain, and take care of these vital facilities.

    "Hopefully this bridge is durable so once again the movement of people, the movement of goods more smoothly with the completion of this Siliwangi Bridge built," hope Aher

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