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    Christmas and New Year Operation Market Must Be Done


    BANDUNG - Although the price of basic commodities or basic commodities in stable condition and stock still sufficient, market operation activity (OP) must be prepared by local government. The goal is to keep prices under control and to minimize speculators.
    Trade Minister Anggertiasto Lukita affirmed that BUlog with the District and Municipal Trade Office should have started to go down the spaces to market the market in anticipation of price spikes during the Christmas and New Year periods.

    "OP must be done, please Bulog immediately do as soon as possible," he said during a visit to Bandung on Monday (4/12).

    Public Relations West Java Bulog Abdul Hadi asserted if the Bulog ready to carry out market operations if there is demand from the district and city governments in West Java. Because according to him, the new OP can be done if the trade office filed a letter of application.

    "But we also do OP in traditional markets without any request," he said, Tuesday (5/12).

    Meanwhile, to be known, as data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Jabar, mentioned average price of Crops Dry Harvest (GKP) at Farmer West Java Level of Rp5.235.04 per kilogram. Grain Dried Mill (GKG) at Farmer Level Rp5.675,42 per kilogram, and for Grain of Low Quality Rp. 4,049.33 per kilogram.

    While the average price of rice at the Milling Rate Rp9.961, 63 per kilogram. Based on broken (broken) rice, Premium Rice quality Rp10.183, 16, Medium rice Rp9.750, 00, and Rice quality Low Rp 9,625.0. jo

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