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    2040, A Total of 642 Million People Will Experience Diabetes


    GARUT-Commemoration of National Diabetes Day at Regency of Garut Year 2017 is commemorated in Oto Iskandardinata  Field Garut Square, Friday (1/12) along with socialization of Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS). At the event, a joint gymnastics and a free health checkup were performed.

    This activity is the result of cooperation between Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia with Health Office of Garut Regency. In serving the free blood sugar test, the organizers are assisted by the University of Padjadjaran. Attended by Garut Regent H. Rudy Gunawan SH., MH., MP., Head of Garut Regency Health Office dr.H. Teni S. Rifai, Head of TP PKK Garut Regency Hj. Diah Kurniasari, and Subdistrict Head of Garut City.
    Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan in the occasion re-remind all residents of Garut to exercise routine at least 5 minutes every day and eat regularly and consume fruits. Further H. Rudy Gunawan views the importance of routine health checks for early prevention. "Because the name of many diseases we do not even realize we often underestimate, so do not have a new disease realized the importance of health". he said.

    The International Diabetic Federation estimates, by 2040, 642 million people worldwide will have diabetes with 2 to 3 times prediabetes.

    Meanwhile, the results of Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) 2013 found that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DMT2) in Indonesia is 6.9 percent and the prevalence of prediabetes reaches 2 to 3 times the number of diabetics. in West Java alone, the incidence of diabetes reached 4.2% with prediabet number of 7.8%. Diabetics (diabetics) in Indonesia are among the most in the world. Even based on data from the Diabetes Atlas IDF in 2010, Indonesia ranked ninth with 7.6 million people suffering from diabetes.
    Patterns of eating and lifestyle are similar as today, it is feared in 2020 the position of Indonesia will rise to number six as the country with the most diabetics.
    Diabetes Atlas IDF estimates Indonesia will have around 12 million people with diabetes. This is a horrible epidemic even now has attacked the age of the children. Approximately two million adolescents or about one in six obese adolescents with age 12 to 19 years, have entered the stage of pre-diabetes. Childhood diets that do not fit a healthy balanced diet by choosing foods high in fat and calories such as fast food, obviously trigger the occurrence of diabetes. Other triggers are less physical activity outdoors, no exercise, appearing obese.

    Lack of exercise, will make excess energy from the intake of unbalanced calories. This will cause the remaining energy stored in the body in the form of fat that triggers obesity that causes insulin resistance and then trigger diabetes type II

    Health Office of Garut Regency appealed, if found a suspicious sign in children, should be screened (screening) metabolic syndrome and diabetes in children and adolescents. Screening is helpful for early diagnosis and management.

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