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    Indonesian Ornamental Fish Prices are Still High


    BANDUNG, Deputy of Natural Resources Coordination and Ministry of Marine Affairs Coordinator Agung Kuswandono said that the ornamental fish purchased from Indonesia is relatively high price. But in other countries, such as Singapore is sold for 40 times.

    "If you talk about tropical ornamental fish in our place, that's my best that I say first, but sadly, why the ornamental fish in this world exist in neighboring countries? For example the country is not big like Jakarta, but the economy of ornamental fish is there, if you need ornamental fish just phone Indonesian, "he told reporters on Friday (1/12/2017)

    According to the Deputy Agung, in fact Indonesia's natural resources are very remarkable. Indonesia has more than 17 thousand islands which is surrounded by sea and 2/3 it is teritiro territory. Moreover, the territory of Indonesia is in the tropics in the equator.

    By utilizing this sector, we can create new jobs and reduce poverty.

    "The way we must be innovative in accordance with the direction of President Jokowi. Do not think mediocre, but there must be a breakthrough, "he said.

    Furthermore, the Deputy General appealed to all levels of central, regional, education, schools, central and regional legislative bodies, non-departmental, private or organizational agencies to be able to install aquariums in their respective offices.

    "Imagine how many million aquariums will be created with an appeal out of the box. This means that the ornamental fish industry in Indonesia will grow," he concluded. (MAT)

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