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    Demiz: Do not Politicized 212 Reunion


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar asked all parties not to politicize the event of tablig akbar and 212 reunion which will be held in Jakarta on Saturday. Especially the event is just a gathering to commemorate the day 212.

    "It's normal, there's nothing strange, there's nothing to argue about, it's the same people are attending a big tabligh, where people want to listen to religious tausyiyah. That's normal, no need to fuss, just name 212 reunion," explained the familiar man addressed this Demiz, Friday (1/12).

    He said, there is nothing to be questioned in the event, let alone that event has also received permission from various parties, both DKI government apparatus and security.

    "The event has been permitted by the security officers, has been allowed by who has a place, and who came also own money, they want to hear tausyiyah and strengthen ukhuwah islamiyah, so where is the problem.
    No problem, "he said.

    That's why he was surprised by the fears of various parties and cornering the reunion event of 212.

    "It's just that the event coincides with the extraordinary events of 212, the gathering of the world's largest Muslim community, but nothing happened or the riots, I think it's good to remind Muslims to be conducive in any situation, any problems are addressed properly," he said. .

    Not only that, he continued, reunion of 212 can remind Muslims to be disciplined in conveying aspirations. (Even)

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