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    West Java Committed to Increase HDI via Education


    TASIKMALAYA-West Java Provincial Govt continues to be committed in improving the quality of human resources or the Human Development Index (HDI) through education. One things that will be soon conducted is handover the SMA and SMK management become the provincial government authority and responsibility.

    "Commitment in improving the HDI through education and community welfare become a long term efforts in order to change a person's economic life," said Vice Governor.

    "Actually, we want to start taking over the SMA/SMK management but the central government has not allowed if there is other provinces that not ready," said Deddy Mizwar during a visit to SMK 3 Tasikmalaya, Thursday afternoon (28/1).

    In addition, to facilitate education access in rural communities, the provincial government will build SMA/SMK in 129 districts in West Java.

    "We will build SMA/SMK in 129 districts, so that children in rural communities is easier to access education facilities," said Vice Governor.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor also stressed the importance of education facing the Asean Economic Community (MEA) competition. However, he wants the creative economy industry can be an opportunity to survive and compete with other Asean countries.

    Deddy was highly appreciated SMK 3 Tasikmalaya who has 1,300 students in fostering student in the creativity development. 

    SMK is specialised in the students development ability on arts or crafts, namely Textile Craft, Metal, Leather, Wood, Light Vehicle Engineering (TKN), and Visual Communication Design (DKV).

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