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    To Be More Optimal in Serving Society, Netty Proposed Nurse Cooperate with PKK


    BANDUNG-Chief of PKK Team of West Java Province Netty Heryawan opened the 3rd National Congress of Indonesian Nurse Managers Association (HPMI) at eL Royale Hotel Ballroom Bandung, Thursday (30/11/17). After the Netty said that nurses in Indonesia, especially in West Java, should be able to cooperate with various centers of massive community activities such as Posyandu, Majelis Ta'lim, or PKK.

    "Yes, it is because the number of human resources in the government (in this case CSA) is limited so we hope the nurses in various regions can take part, engage, and cooperate with various centers of massive community activities," she said.

    "Related policy issues must be fought through channels that can voice. If in the context of the regulation can be to the Ministry or members of the House of Representatives because they are authorized to issue a policy. While in the context of optimizing the role, it must cooperate with the Provincial Government also City / Regency, can also with the PKK. PKK must be a very beneficial side if it can then cooperate with nurse friends, "Netty added.

    When viewed in terms of composition, the number of nurses is about 1/3 of the medical staff and most of the time is also used to meet, treat and chatting with the patient, the nurse has a major influence in improving the quality of life and improve the health of clients or patients.

    In this case, she continued, nurse managers are expected to mobilize peers in health facilities to realize good nursing services.

    "That is why the nurse with their knowledge, with their education level, with their experience we expect not only take part in primary health care in hospitals and self care care by doing home care. But I hope the nurse is able to extend a sense of empathy and their views to all members of society, "she said.

    Finally Netty said her hope for the implementation of National Congress III of the Nurses Manager can improve the knowledge and managerial ability in managing competitive, quality, effective and efficient nursing services according to the development of globalization trend.

    "We hope the congress goes well and elected chairman who has commitment also capacities and capabilities that can bring the wheel of this organization as a gathering place, improve the competence of all its members and become a means of learning," she hoped.

    "And this certainly becomes a demand as well as the consequences for nurses to continue to improve competence. This competence should then be pursued as one of the goals of the organization of this national congress. So that congress is able to target on various aspects, including the physiological aspects, psycholosigis, and cultural social aspects, 'lid Netty.

    The annual scientific meeting of this manager will be held from November 30 to December 2, 2017 which contains seminar and workshop activities along with the exposure of research results on the management of nursing services to strengthen the function and role of nurse managers in nursing services.

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