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    West Java Inspirational Teacher Received Een Sukaesih Award 2017


    BANDUNG-Five teachers in West Java receive grace in the arena of Inspirational Teacher of West Java Een Sukaesih Award (ESA) 2017. The appreciation event for teachers or educators the second time was held in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Wednesday night (29/11/17).
    The five award recipients, among others:
    1. Non-formal Education Category: Nenden Marliah, Paud UMMI (Garut Regency);
    2. Kindergarten Category: Lia Yulianingrum, TKA Plus Al-Lukman (Majalengka Regency);
    3. Elementary School (SD / MI / SDLB) Category: R. Histato Dayanto Kobasah, Dewi Sartika Elementary School (Sukabumi City);
    4. Junior High School (SMP / MTS / SMPLB) Category : Mardiah, 3 Junior High School Padalarang (West Bandung Regency); and
    5. High School (SMA / SMK / MA / SMALB) Category : Endang Yuli Purwati, 4 State High School (Bandung City).
    The Een Sukaesih Award was first initiated by this daily newspaper Inilah Koran in 2015. This year This newspaper and the Government of West Java Province through the Education Office presents ESA 2017 with the main sponsor of Bank BJB.
    Een Sukaesih, an educator from Sumedang Regency has been an inspiration for teachers or educators in West Java. Although suffering from paralysis and can only lie in bed does not dampen the spirit of Wa Een - Een Sukaesih familiar called, in giving knowledge to his protege until death fetch.
    Through this ESA 2017, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) also said that the birth of educational fighters or other Een Sukaesih worthy of appreciation. Aher wants Een's good value does not go away.
    "We want the value of goodness that is widely known and owned by Mrs. Een Sukaesih is not abandoned, or life without being maintained. We want to live continuously and echo in the life of education in Indonesia. Especially in the community of West Java, "please Aher met after the Anugerah Guru Inspiratif Jawa Barat ESA 2017.
    "The 2017 ESA winners are great. It's inspiring for others. And the next Een Sukaesih has appeared. I think the champions are the other Een Sukaesih, "he continued.
    Aher added that learning or teaching can now be done anywhere and anytime with tech support. However, Aher said the affairs of figures, cadres, and leadership examples needed a figure that could serve as an example for the next generation, the teacher.
    "I emphasize that the name transfer knowledge can be without people, transfer skills can be without people though not perfect. But the transfer of values, the values of life and the noble values it seems difficult without the teacher. Therefore, the figure of the teacher as an example of life - in addition he (teacher) transfer knowledge and skills but also transfer the value that can not be replaced, "said Aher.
    Aher advised teachers in facing the challenges of millennial generation today. Teachers or educators must be able to adjust to the demands of the times. In addition to improving its capacity and knowledge, teachers must be able to understand the times well, and can bring a resilient personality in the face of changing times.
    "I think if such a tough teacher of any age changes, the present age is followed, the next new era now can be followed. It will not be a problem I think, "Aher said.
    For that, Aher revealed that the teacher is absolutely necessary especially in education. It is impossible that knowledge will arrive to the disciple thoroughly and through a sincere heart without the presence of a teacher. "Let us say the ESA 2017 is a very profound meaning that education builds the future of mankind. No wonder the experts argue that there can not be a complete civilization without the presence of teachers, there can be no civilization that includes spiritual civilization and material at once without the presence of a teacher, "said Aher in his speech at the ESP 2017 Inspirational Master's Inspirational Night Event.
    ESA 2017 award recipients receive the Award and Kadeudeuh Awards worth Rp 20 million each. In addition, Symbolically Aher also provides Coaching Money to Een Sukaesih Smart House Foundation for Rp 50 million. Not only the winners, teachers or educators ESA 2017 nominees as many as 27 people received a prize money of Rp 2.5 million each in the form of Savings BJB Cinta Guru.
    Accept ESA 2017, Histanto Committed to Do Something More
    One of the recipients of the award category of SD / MI / SDLB, R. Histato Dayanto Kobasah (41) was surprised to get ESA 2017. The man who every day became a teacher at SDN Dewi Sartika Sukabumi city is claimed to do something more for education in Sukabumi after the Inspirational Guru Anugerah ESA 2017 West Java.

    "I have to do double the original work, after building some PKBM in Sukabumi City including TBM study group, Package B, Paket C. Then inflame the people of Sukabumi City through Sukabumi Gemar Membaca, then there are activities related to reading in Kota Sukabumi, "said the man who initiated the Literacy Tree. 

    Histanto claimed the figure of an Een Sukaesih has become an inspiration for him. Things that happened to Een Sukaesih also experienced by Histanto. In 2007 Histanto had been paralyzed for eight months and the same thing happened in 2010, so his life expectancy was small. 

    "But after seeing her (Ees Sukaesih) I am getting stronger. I would like to invite my autoristic, my philanthropist to others. Treasure and everything, "explained Histanto who has 11 years of work as a teacher.

    Various things have been done by Histanto to encourage his students at SDN Dewi Sartika Sukabumi. Such as making water gap bookshelves, wall paintings, literacy trees, liaison books, fine writing, smart books, and provide other books that can make the students character to behave well. 

    "We consider that the heart is much more powerful than thought. Because if the heart is brought by exemplary by me as a teacher at school to bring students to become better, more pious and caring, so be smart and skilled, "said this painting hobby man. 

    One of Histanto's breakthroughs is the Literacy Tree at his teaching site inspired by a woman named Mia Damayanti. Through the concept of Literacy Tree, the students are invited to interpret and understand what has been read through a review or review. Then the review will produce a leaf that can be affixed in Literation Tree. The more leaves the more students read the book. 

    Sincerity to Educate 26 Children 

    Endang Yuli Purwati (58) is a recipient of ESA 2017 Category SMA / SMK / MA / SMALB. She has been a teacher for 32 years. Woman who is still teaching in SMA Negeri 4 Bandung City was called her heart to help children who left the parents and their families. 

    Endang said she did not expect to get ESA 2017. Please note that the ESA 2017 nominees do not know her name has been registered to the committee. Most of them are registered by others. 

    "Alhamdulillah, did not expect to get ESA. I was shocked with my friends (ESA 2017 nominees) who perform various activities, Masya Allah extraordinary. So, I just study them alone, "said Endang when met reporter team of West Java PR after ESA Awarding Night 2017. 

    With sincerity and willingness of heart, with her husband, Endang until now still with the 26 children. With their own expenses and assistance from various parties Endang managed to provide education to his children. 

    "My four sons and 22 are foster children. I never collect them, but they come to me. After they are at home I try to inspire and motivate them, "said the woman who will be retired for 21 months as a teacher but will continue to commit to serve the world of education. 

    Endang admitted that came to her house not only from Bandung but also from various regions in Indonesia, such as Pekanbaru, Jambi, Manado, and other areas. Of the 26 children, 13 are currently still studying in boarding schools, and there are also children have become Bachelor and Doctor. 

    Even one of her children who is currently sitting in Class 12 at the boarding school will leave for Madinah City, Saudi Arabia in January 2018. He took the test because he was offered a lecture at the University of Madinah. "Because I am going to send them to study abroad. Because let it be free, search for free only. But until the day I have never begged for free because by chance our children go to school in boarding school, "Endang story with a laugh. 

    Een Sukaesih figure in the eyes of Endang is a marvelous woman. Endang had known Een before. According to Endang, Een is very appropriate to be a public figure and inspiration of teachers. "Because in any case with such conditions, she (Een) is still the spirit to teach. This means that although I'm having problems with the foot should not feel unable to teach, "said Endang. 

    On this occasion, Endang also advised the ESA 2017 recipients remain willing to serve as teachers or educators without the lure. What has been done for his students to be a charity recorded by Allah SWT. 

    "People who come here (ESA Grace 217) are amazing friends that I see. But please guard the piety's deeds not to be a charity exhibition. Because the charity race this terrible, later could be because want to get a prize or award. I am worried that their hearts are polluted, "Endang's message.

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