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    Provincial Government Continues to Encourage Inclusive Education in West Java


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Province Deddy Mizwar welcomed and gave the highest appreciation for the implementation of the 'Art of Children with Special Needs of West Java 2017,' held at Sribaduga Museum, BKR Street Bandung, Wednesday (29/11/2017).

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, the ability show of the Children with Special Needs (ABK), can be used as an information channel for parents and the wider community to know more about the growth, independence and ability of the students with Special Needs.

    In addition, of course, these activities also become an effective medium for the Learners in expressing interest, talent, and the potential of intelligence or special talents of each in the arts.

    "This festival can also be a vehicle for our appreciation of the success of SLB-SLB in West Java in providing special educational services, as well as our appreciation of the abilities of the participants Children with Special Needs, as well as a boost for the stakeholders to give greater attention to progress of special education in West Java, "said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar.

    Deddy Mizwar also said, in 2011, West Java has been awarded the Inclusive Award from the Government. Then in 2013 West Java also got pride and honor, that is with the establishment of West Java as Inclusive Province by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    Therefore, Deddy, West Java has made various efforts to provide the best public services, including through Inclusive Education.

    "This is because we are fully aware that the birth of the Inclusive Education paradigm is full of humanitarian and human rights enforcement," said Deddy.

    As for the core in the paradigm of Inclusive Education, said Deddy, the system of providing educational services in religious, while the philosophy of respecting the differences of all children regardless of physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional, economic, gender, ethnic, cultural, language, and so forth.

    In other words, the development of Inclusive Education is a strategy to accelerate the improvement of life quality, competitiveness and honor and dignity of the nation.

    Furthermore, Deddy explained that at the operational level, education services need to shift the pattern of segregation to the inclusion pattern, with logical consequences of education in public and vocational schools should be more open to all individuals, and accommodate all the needs in accordance with the conditions of each individual, friendly and non-discriminatory to all children, including Children with Special Needs.

    Departing from these matters, West Java Provincial Government has rolled out various programs for the implementation of Inclusive Education in West Java.

    These programs include; Establishment of an Inclusive Education Working Group, Social Assistance or Grants for Inclusive Education Schools, Tuition Fee for Master and S2 for Teachers, Development of Inclusive Education Support Centers and various learning mediums and lessons, and Training for Heads and School Teachers of Inclusive Education.

    "In addition, we also provide Help for Children with Special Needs who attend Schools to Provide Inclusive Education, Support or Facilitation of SLB Teachers as Special Mentors Teachers, publish Local Regulations on the Implementation of Disability Welfare and Education Implementation which also regulate Inclusive Education," he said. .

    Not until there, socialization activities, workshops, seminars and workshops, technical guidance, inclusive education advocacy, and partnerships with a number of community organizations, are also conducted in order to achieve the intended expectations.

    At the same time, Deddy also hopes that all parents and families of children with disabilities have the care and care capabilities as well as the assistance needed by children with disabilities.

    Thus, he said, children with disabilities, especially ABK are able to develop themselves through potential excavations based on their ability, interests and talents, and in turn they can enjoy, contribute, and contribute optimally, freely, and without discrimination.

    Furthermore, in line with the mandate of Law No. 23 of 2014 which provides special management of education to the Provincial Government, Deddy invites all stakeholders to establish stronger synergies, so that Inclusive Education can be the locomotive of equalization of educational opportunities and school participation, in harmony with Education For All (EFA). Furthermore, Vice Governor Deddy also invites all stakeholders to implement the mandate of Law No. 8 of 2016, mainly related to the shift from service and charity based paradigm to a rights based approach based on 11 Fulfillment of the rights of PwDs.

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