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    Demiz Asks 'Youth of the Now Age' to Improve 'Reading Habits'


    BANDUNG-Word says the book is the window of the world. This saying is still relevant today. Books can be intelligent and enlightening, and bring to a new civilization full of horizons.

    However, said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), the presence of books alone is not enough if not accompanied by reading habits, or 'Reading Habits', especially for the youth as the successor of the nation's development relay.

    "In its development in the 'now era', we do not deny that the progress of information and communication technology has given birth to a new platform in the history of human civilization, the 'world without borders' with the flow of information super fast as its main identity," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, on activities 'Tabligh Akbar - Islamic Festival and Book Fair (IFBF) West Java 2017', at the Complex Pusdai Bandung, Wednesday (29/11/2017).

    On the one hand, this is a proof of the progress of civilization to be grateful for. But on the other hand, it also has a negative impact on society, such as decreasing interest in reading books among students.

    Referring to the results of UNESCO survey in 2011, Deddy Mizwar revealed that the index reading level of Indonesian society is only 0.001 percent. That is, there is only one person out of 1,000 residents who still want to read the book seriously.

    "Five years ago, the condition has not changed much," Called Deddy.

    Recently, the survey of The World's Most Literate Nations held by Central Connecticut State University, put Indonesia in 60th out of 61 countries surveyed.

    This low reading culture is directly proportional to the habits of Indonesians, who based on research prefer watching television rather than reading.

    Another study also mentions that of 88.1 million Indonesians who are connected to the internet, 40 percent of them are used for game play, and only 2 percent use the internet to access science-based science resources.

    "The effort to increase reading interest can not be done instantly, therefore West Java Provincial Government has launched School Literacy Movement and West Java Leaders Reading Challenge as a joint effort to encourage Interest Reading among students," he said.

    In addition, Deddy encourages parent roles, which its values are very important. Among them by re-presenting the culture of storytelling. Because, in addition to beneficial to build the emotional closeness and character of children, storytelling can also be a means of growing interest in reading from an early age, so that reading can be a child character and cultured into adulthood.

    For that, Deddy also appealed to publishers, to always be selective in publishing books, so that the book in circulation contains educational elements, entertaining according to the age category, and does not contain negative content that can adversely affect the readers.

    In addition, the book should also be accessible easily and cheaply even free for people in remote villages. The trick is encouraging the wakaf movement of books, reproducing car or motorcycle library, reading gardens, mini library, and other grassroots literacy movements.
    "Meanwhile, for urban communities who are more familiar with gadgets, which we must continue to push is the acceleration of printed book transformation into an integrated digital format in the free library service system, so that books can be read whenever and wherever through gadgets," said Vice Governor Deddy.

    At the same time, Deddy also invites parents to pay attention to children and students in the use of gadgets, so they use it not limited to playing games or online in social media.

    The library, called Deddy, can be designed to be close to public facilities, such as in recreational parks, sports venues, etc., so that books are easier to reach and read more enjoyable.

    "That is, the library is still synonymous with the book warehouse must be reformed, the library should be creative, innovative, interesting, and fun," he said.

    Thus, it is expected to read into the habit (reading habits) of society, which continues to the realization of reading culture (reading culture), and leads to the creation of learning society (learning society), as a valuable capital in building a civilization nation more advanced, productive, and empowered global competitiveness.

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