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    National Coordination Meeting in Bandung, There is an idea of New Style Expert Staff


    BANDUNG-A total of more than 400 Expert Staff Governors, Regents / Mayors from all over Indonesia gathered in Bandung held a National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas). Through this National Coordination Meeting , the Expert Staff is expected to be more optimal in performing the task of giving input to the regional head.
    This was conveyed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in the opening ceremony of the Governor, Regent and Mayor's of Indonesia Expert Staff Meeting, held at Hotel Aryaduta, Sumatera Street No. 51, Bandung, Wednesday morning (29/11/17). This new style of Expert Staff demands a more optimal role from the Expert Staff in providing input to the Regional Head. Do not just complain about the status or facilities and income.
    "So in this National Coordination Meeting do not talk about complaints and vent, but we are talking about the optimization of the role of Expert Staff in providing input to the above officials including the Regent / Mayor and the Governors how then inputs can accelerate the development and also of course input for regional device organization programs, "pleaded Aher in his direction.
    "So, the results of this Bandung meeting, come up new icon in Bandung is called Staff Expert new style version of Bandung," he continued.
    The same thing was also conveyed by Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) of Indonesia in his speech represented by the Minister of Economy and Development Affairs Expert Staff, Hamdani. He reveals the same thing with Aher. According to Hamdani, the Ministry of Home Affairs is committed to optimizing the role of Expert Staff for regional development.
    "We firmly say that the commitment of the Ministry of Home Affairs to optimize the role of the chief expert of the regional heads is unquestionable," Hamdani said in his speech.
    "The regional head is obliged to optimize the role of the Expert Staff," he added.
    At the same time, Aher also emphasized to the Expert Staff that in accordance with the duties can eliminate the sectoral barriers and ego sector stakeholders in the local government environment. The Expert Staff should be able to elaborate in detail the local political promises that have not been clearly stated in the development programs.
    "Do not feel wasted. Perform tasks in accordance with each duties, if there is no create own duties. Approach with the head of the region above us, then agree on what our task, ask for direction. If there is no direction, direction yourself. The important thing is to work for the benefit of the people, "Aher said.
    There is a view that needs to be changed about the Expert Staff. During this time, the position of Expert Staff is seen as a wasted official and entered in a safe zone or comfort zone. The view regarding the unclear texts of the Expert Staff should be eliminated, because in the government many things are clearly to be done for the benefit of society.
    "Let's say the duty is not clear, a lot of work is clear. Live how his creativity really happens in him. Therefore, there is a psychological pattern that should not happen. First, he (Expert Staff) should not feel wasted. Secondly, he should not feel secure because I am no longer used in structural positions, for example. But in West Java they do not like that, "Aher said.
    National Coordination Meeting was held on 28-30 November 2017 by raising Theme: "Improving the Role of Strategy Expert Staff Governor / Regent / Mayor in Supporting Local Government Implementation". This National Coordination Meeting was attended by Expert Staff of regional heads throughout Indonesia. There are Expert Staff of Governor from 23 provinces, and Expert Staff of Regent / Mayor from 17 regencies / cities in Indonesia.
    Expert Staff Governor on Economic and Development Division Regional Secretariat of West Java Province, Udjwala Prana Sigit hopes through this National Coordination Meeting will be born commitment and support to the Expert Staff of local government in the future. This is done in order to build a professional and complete Expert Staff look to support well the duties of the expert staff.
    "We the Expert Staff of Governors, Regents / Mayors throughout Indonesia are committed that we are ready to carry out any task that is charged to us without choosing what task. Our hope is how to help the regional heads of authority, local government run smoothly, steadily moving forward with the main task of our function, "said Sigit.

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