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    PT BIJB: For Security Team, We Prioritize Citizens of Majalengka


    BANDUNG-The presence of the airport can not be separated from the role of Aviation Security (Avsec). Avsec is a leading officer whose work emphasizes security for passengers before flying.
    Since vacancies opened in the middle of this year, at least 6,000 people enroll and are interested in becoming security officers. Thousands of people with minimal secondary education background and equivalent are screened to 300 people by prioritizing the local son.
    "There are six thousand who enroll to become Avsec officers, administratively qualified to 300 people and Majalengka majority," said Head of Human Resources and Supporting Division of PT BIJB Subhan Hadi Susilo when met at Sekolah Tinggi Udara Indonesia (STPI), Curug subdistrict, Tangerang Regency, Wednesday, November 29, 2017.
    According to Subhan, of the 300 participants who escaped administratively then pursed to 48 people. They consist of 41 male participants, and seven women then follow the basic training in the field of aviation especially security. To enter this stage they have followed the psychology and interviews.
    According to him, PT BIJB hook STPI Curug, so that human resources (HR) working at Kertajati Airport can be an expert and skilled airport officer and have special license.
    "This is the commitment of PT BIJB to empower the indigenous son of Majalengka area where BIJB is located at Kertajati airport We are here to train competent airline personnel, characterized by international flight of world classification," said Subhan.

    Head of Administration and STI Suyatmo Academic Affairs Department said, with the presence of Kertajati Airport in 2018, PT BIJB has been doing step by step to welcome the readiness to operate. One of them recruits a superior and skilled Avsec officer. In accordance with Law No. 1 of 2009 on aviation that all airport personnel should be equipped with certificates according to aviation security standards.
    "The law states that every airport personnel must have a certification or have some kind of laison such as Person Identity Alert (STKP) each, from Avsec to the pilot," he explained.
    "On this occasion, PT BIJB has been working with STPI Curug which will realize the Avsec officers in various levels ranging from basic, junior, senior to advanced," continued Suyatmo.
    Training for 48 Avsec participants starting from Monday 27 November 2017 was held for one month ahead. They will follow various series of coaching and education to hone mentally and physically for a week. "Then the basic training (Avsec) is three weeks.They are equipped with science about airport security standards, because in addition to technology that will work they also have to keep doing security but also comfort for prospective passengers," added Suyatmo.
    "So, the Avsec officer must be disciplined and must understand the regulation, both must provide passenger service with a safe and secure, but must be comfortable, the combination of attitude, capability and ethics must be one," Suyatmo said.
    All participants who successfully pass through this stage will get a certificate issued by the Directorate of Transportation Safety (Dirkampen) under the Ministry of Transportation. That certificate will be a provision to become an airport security officer.
    Head of Department of Manpower (Kadisnaker) Majalengka District Ahmad Suswanto added, as the regulatory providers at the regional level it supports what has been done PT BIJB. With the presence of an international airport, hope the unemployment gap in Majalengka can be reduced rapidly. "It is expected that with the BIJB will reduce unemployment rate in Majalengka regency with optimal absorption of labor surely in accordance with the requirements and competence," said Ahmad met separately.
    The backbone of the family
    Toni's hope (20) is so big while in the Avsec STPI Curug training. During this time his family life is very dependent on him. Since graduating high school last year the owner's full name Toni Hamdan Prasetyo is to be able to meet the shortage of household needs. "I hope to be able to graduate from here and be proud of my parents, so far my parents have been lacking in working as farmers and as a housemaid, my mother is a household," he said.
    "I have a twin sister who must be sufficient for school as well," said Toni who previously worked as a restaurant employee in Jakarta.
    Similarly, Mia Amalia (19). Expectations of the presence of BIJB in her homeland could have a positive impact on the life of her family, generally for the citizens of Majalengka. Mia who has grown up can no longer depend on parents who only work as a driver. "I want to work in my own homeland and with the presence of BIJB can change the economy of all citizens Majalengka," closed the woman was born May 20, 1998.

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