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    Governor Aher: Those who Own a House, I'm Sure They are Happier


    BANDUNG-Musyawarah area (Musda) Real Estate Indonesia (REI) West Java (Jabar) took place on Wednesday (29/11) at Trans Hotel Bandung. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan opened the deliberation area which is also attended by members of REI outside West Java.

    "The public happiness index will increase if they have a house, whom has a house, I am sure they are happier," Heryawan said in his speech.

    To that end, according to him, property developers contribute in improving the happiness of the community. Provided by selling the house according to the rules and affordable prices.

    Heryawan asserted, the construction of Cipali toll road will also increase the growth of housing from Cikampek to Cirebon. On the other hand housing construction also should not damage nature and violate spacial plan.

    On that occasion, he also offers members of West Java REI to participate in building BIJB Majalengka, especially on Aerospity land of 3,600 hectares.

    "Take advantage of BIJB opportunities, REI I hope to be able to build there," he said. Jo

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