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    President: Korpri Anniversary is Momentum To Make Big Leap


    BANDUNG - At the ceremony commemorating the 46th anniversary of Korpri West Java on Wednesday (29/11) at Gasibu Field, Governor Ahmad Heryawan as the ceremony inspector read out the written message of President of RI Joko Widodo as the National Corps Builder.

    It is said by President Joko Widodo, "I convey high appreciation to all Korpri's big family for their contribution and dedication to the nation, to the state and society." The Korpri anniversary must be a momentum to reflect, maintain solidity and solidarity ". "big jump" in order to achieve the progress of the Indonesian nation, "explained the president.

    Korpri must be the main pillar of unifying the nation and state of Indonesia with the civil apparatus of the state as the adhesive agent, said the president.

    We want Korpri to be an organization with a culture that serves and creativity, which is modern and efficient, and that serves with the soul and spirit of Pancasila.

    We must realize social justice for all Indonesian people. Development should be done from the periphery and from the villages, beginning with the equitable distribution of physical infrastructure to the fulfillment of basic needs of the community. Therefore, the role of the Korpri becomes very vital. Korpri should be a liaison between the community and the government, pleaded President Joko Widodo.

    Furthermore, the President stated that in the current era of open competition, many challenges we have to face. Innovation and global technological development not only bring convenience to everyday life, but even able to change the economic landscape, socio-political life, to the life of nation and state. The private world was aware of it, and started to run very fast. We, civil servants of the state must be able to catch up in providing services to the public whose demands are higher.

    The Korpri must really understand the uncertainty of the competition map ahead. There is no choice but to complete national development program through innovation based on Pancasila-based public morality.

    Each Korpri member must continue to improve, leave routine ways, and strengthen the spirit of debureaucratization. Never stop innovating, take advantage of the advancement of science and technology to create effective, efficient, transparent and accountable public service breakthroughs, "said President Joko Widodo.

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