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    KASAD: Soldiers Who Involve in Politics Should Resign


    BANDUNG-Army Chief of Staff (KASAD) General Mulyono asserted that every soldier who will be involved directly in the political arena, especially Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) must resign first.

    He mentioned, as long as the soldier has an identity as an army then it should not be either indirectly or directly involved political elements.

    "Any soldier who will run or run in regional head election later, then must be withdrawn from his identity as a TNI," said Mulyono told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (28/11/2017)

    Mulyono said that in the election campaign should not use military facilities or attributes. If it is found in the field, then it does not hesitate to crack down.

    "We will act firmly if there is found military facilities used for the campaign," said Mulyono.

    Asked about his concerns about losing the best cadres to run for office or those directly involved in politics. Mulyono admitted to not worry about it, the article TNI already has a good cadre program so that it will not diminish its best cadres.

    "If it is needed for the sake of my country's prevention, please, TNI still has a great cadre through its cadre program," he concluded (MAT)

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