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    BKC, the Nyunda Karate


    BANDUNG (28/1) - Bandung Karate Club (BKC) Chairman Agus Santoso asserted that BKC is Karate which has a Sunda specific local knowledge. According to Agus, although this martial sport originated in Japan, but it have been inserted by Sunda local knowledge and traditions of the motion by the founder of BKC. It was revealed at Gedung Sate, Wednesday, January 27, 2015, in reporting the BKC birthday plan next June.

    "BKC has a Jalaksana philosophy that is not owned by any other karate in world. In addition, the stances has been modified with its Sunda uniqueness. BKC have spread across Indonesia, but the name is still BKC, to keep bringing name of Bandung as the origin of BKC,” Agus said.

    In PON XIX, BKC is actually targeting the 10 athletes entered in this event, but according to Agus Santoso, there are only 8 selected athletes from all over Indonesia, and 2 of them from West Java.

    "We are targeting 10 athletes with 8 athletes from all over Indonesia, and 2 of them come from West Java,” he said.

    Agus targeting the 8 BKC athletes who entered the PON can participate in SEA Games qualify.



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