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    Aher: Alhamdulillah Via Soroja, Only 10 Minutes


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) conducted an experiment on the use of Soreang-Pasirkoja Toll Road on Monday (27/11) night. The travel time of the governor from Pasirkoja to Jalak Harupat Stadium was only 10 minutes. Although done at night, Ahmad Heryawan is sure, travel time in the afternoon will be the same ie 10-15 minutes.

    "Usually travel time through Kopo road it can be hours. Now, with the operation of Toll Soroja, if you want to watch Persib in Si Jalak Harupat just 10-15 minutes, "said Aher.

    According to him, with the operation of this Soroja Toll Road, further reinforces the complex of Si Jalak Harupat to become an integrated sport area. There are already some sports that will use the Jalak Harupat Stadium as a training ground such as water polo, archery, and soccer. Governor Ahmad Heryawan and his wife Netty Prasetyani try the Soroja toll road to the Stadium of Jalak Harupat to open Porpemda 2017 which is located at the Si Starling Harupat Stadium.

    According to him, the time savings are very much this will make people more productive because they do not have to spend a long time in the trip Soreang to Bandung. "With this Soroja toll, the movement of people and goods will be faster. I am sure, people's economy will increase because the time is more efficient, the cost is more efficient, and the income also increases, "said Aher.

    Admittedly, the completion of the Soroja Toll project is experiencing delays due to weather factors. In the initial proposal is planned for one year but it becomes almost two years. In addition, land acquisition becomes an obstacle in the implementation of project completion.

    "Alhamdulillah now is finished and will soon be enjoyed by people in Bandung and West Java. Insya Allah smoothly glorious, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Netty Prasetyani hopes people can take advantage and keep this Soroja Toll to be inherited to posterity. "Children who come from the Bandung Regency who school in Bandung can quickly arrive to his school. They will have more time to gather with their families, "said Netty who is also Chairwoman of P2TP2A.

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