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    Ministry of Home Affairs Target One Data One Map


    SURABAYA-In the framework of fostering the affairs of the Regional Government of Statistics, as many as 18 provinces and 80 cities and districts in Indonesia attended the central and regional meetings in the Provision of Data and Information Field Statistics organized by Directorate General of Bina Bangda Ministry of Home Affairs, in Surabaya on Tuesday (28/11)

    Director of Synchronization of Local Government Affairs SUPD I Ministry of Home Affairs, Drs. Nyoto Suwignyo said the purpose of this meeting is to build an understanding of the data and information that needs to be built by the agency that carries out statistical affairs as well as formulating the types of data and information that need to be validated and clarified by the departments conducting statistical affairs in the province as well as us and the districts.

    "We want a common perception of statistical affairs to achieve how we go to One Data One Map," said Nyoto, to www.Jabarprov.go.id, after opening the Development of Local Government Affairs in the field of Statistics, at Hotel Rich Palace, Surabaya , East Java, Tuesday (28/11).

    Nyoto hopes, this Working Meeting can strengthen the affairs of the field of statistics in each region so that later the hope of President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, in building One Data One Map is well supported in the region.

    "We must strengthen this area of statistics in the area so that later Jokowi's hopes in building a single map data are well supported in all regions," he said. (Parno)

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