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    Ministry of Home Affairs Hold Working Meeting on Data and Information, Statistics, Encryption


    SURABAYA-In the framework of fostering the affairs of the Regional Government in the field of Statistics, the Directorate General of Bina Bangda of the Ministry of Home Affairs held a central and regional meeting in the Provision of Data and Information on Statistics in Surabaya, East Java Province on Tuesday (28/11)

    The workshop, entitled "Data and Information Provision of Government Affairs of Communications, Informatics, Statistics and Encryption" was attended by representatives from 18 provinces and more than 80 cities and districts in Indonesia.

    Activities directly opened Director of Synchronization of Local Government Affairs SUPD I Ministry of Home Affairs, Drs. Nyoto Suwignyo, presenting a number of speakers including Head of Data and Information Center of Bappenas, Suherman with topic "Role of Region in Data Provision to Support Sustainable Development and Development of President Regulation One Data Indonesia".

    Speaker of both Director of Statistical Dissemination, Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Ir. Adhi Wiriana with the topic "Strengthening the Implementation of Sectoral Statistics Activities in Supporting the Availability of Qualified Power".

    While the third speaker of Sub Directorate of Communications, Informatics, Statistics and Encoding, Directorate General of Banda, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ir. Ober Tua Butarbutar with the topic "The Needs of Journals Data and Information of Sectoral Statistics based on Government Affairs which is the Regional Authority".

    As well as the fourth speaker, Head of Community Participation, Directorate General of Bina Bangda, Ministry of Home Affairs, Rega Tadeak Hakim, ST., M.Si, with topic of "Information System of Regional Development and Four Pillars of Development". (Parno)

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