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    Perhumas Bandung Achieves Best Contributing Service


    BANDUNG-Perhumas BPC Bandung for two years in a row won the best branch manager, Best Contributing Service in Perhumas Award 2017.

    The award was obtained by Chairman of Perhumas BPC Bandung N. Nurlaela Arief from Vice Chairman II BPP Perhumas, Prof. Widodo Muktiyo, at City Hall Bogor, West Java.

    In the award reading, the jury and BPP delegate, Fredy Menayang mentioned a number of considerations of the victory.

    He considered Perhumas Bandung was chosen because most actively serve members, community, and society and played in various forums both in Perhumas and outside other organizations

    "Principally all BPC this year shows progress, but we have to choose the best. he said shortly before the award, "said Fredy in his official statement in Bandung, Tuesday (28/11/2017)

    N. Nurlaela Arief then forward to represent about 15 board of BPC Bandung who attended. With a yellow uniform dress, the award is accepted as the victory of all elements in Bandung.

    "Alhamdulillah this second victory after last year also we can get a similar award in Bandung. Thank you for the solidity and hard work of the ranks of Perhumas BPC Bandung and Perhumas Muda Bandung, "said Lala greeting Chairman of BPC Perhumas Bandung

    Also attending the event were the branch officials of Bandung, among others, Advice Advisors Prof. Soleh Sumirat, General Secretary Muhammad Sufyan Abdurrahman, Vice Chairman Dr Ani Yuningsih, Dr Susi Prabawasari, Dr Eki Baihaki, and so on.

    Lala added, her side will continue to contribute as the last two years next year. According to the plan, next year the board will study appeal to South Korea in April 2018. Then will be fulfilled visit to Oslo, Norway to attend World Public Relations Forum organized by Global Alliance.

    In addition to Perhumas Bandung, the achievement of other awards is accepted by PT Telkom (Corporations), Public Relations Division of Police (Government), and Suara Merdeka and Tribun Pekanbaru (mass media). (MAT)

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