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    Vice Governor Demiz: Make the Democratic Party Elections Is Not Divisive


    JAKARTA - The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), is a speaker in the expert meeting of "Menyongsong Pilkada Serentak yang Berkualitas" in Lumbung Suara, held by the Center for Political Research (P2P) Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lipi) in Seminar Room of Documentation and Information Center Scientific (PDII) 2nd Floor, Gatot Subroto Street No. 10, Jakarta, Monday (27/11/17).

    In his explanation, Demiz wants Regional Head Election to be a momentum for the people's democracy party, not a divisive society.

    "Even now there is a polarization of Jakarta (Regional Head Election) events to West Java," said Demiz as a speaker in the Expert Meeting "Facing the Election of Qualified Unison in the Sound Barns" at the Seminar Room of the Center for Documentation and Information Scientific (PDII) Floor 2 Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (Lipi), General Gatot Subroto Street No. 10, Jakarta, Monday (27/11/17).

    According to Demiz, there is no effort from political elites to dampen the conflict. Demiz said that political parties (political parties) have not been able to cultivate politics well. In addition, transactional politics is also still happening between political parties or contestants of Regional Head Election with society or entrepreneurs.

    For that, on this occasion Demiz invites all parties to make the elections as a venue for the party of democracy through politically polite politeness and peace. Regional Head Election should reflect that the nation's democratic journey is progressing, healthy and quality.

    "When the campaign in 2013 and then I once said that this election, the Governor Election is not very important in our lives because it does not directly affect you to enter heaven or hell. How important is how to establish friendship between you in this Regional Head Election and it is directly connected directly with you enter heaven or hell, "said Demiz in the expert meeting.

    "I think we should look at this (Regional Head Election) is really a party of democracy, enjoy, not create a division in society, let alone like (Regional Head Election) Jakarta yesterday, blasphemous in this age of technology era. it is not a good example. become a good benchmark forward, "he hoped.

    In his presentation to senior researchers LIPI, Demiz took the title "Toward Qualified Regional Head Election of West Java". The quality of democracy today, Demiz calls it, can be seen from several things, which he adapted from the work of the tears "Election Justice (Towards an International Statement of Principles of Electoral Justice, Accra, Ghana, September 15, 2011). Among them: High integrity of organizational institutions: High public participation: Based on high-qualified law Impartial (impartial) and fair, Professional and independent, Transparent, Timely in accordance with the plan, Nonviolent or free from threats and violence Regular and Election participants receive fair losing or winning.

    "In the context of Indonesia, there are already references, namely Direct Principles, General, Free, Confidential, Honest, and Fair," said Demiz.

    To that end, said Demiz, there are several social benchmarks in determining the quality of democratic elections quality, namely: Promote the political culture of the noble from the level of national political elite to the local; Society matures in political differences in democracy; Eliminate all potentials of community fragility during and after the elections; and Eliminate transactional political culture.

    Meanwhile, in his speech, Head of the Lipi Research Center of Lipi, Firman Noor stated that the Simultaneous Regional Head Election which started in 2015 in 370 regions in Indonesia still shows various problems, especially related to candidate capacity, popularity and candidate electability, the process of candidacy in political parties, and high political costs. The impact is that there is a criminal act of corruption and obstruction of the realization of good governance. In addition, it also not only resulted in the slow democratic consolidation but also affect the quality of local government.

    "The level of community participation in the 2015 and 2017 Regional Head Election decreased by a range of ten to 20 percent, except for the Jakarta Regional Head Election which actually increased public participation in 2017," said Firman.

    Regional elections The third wave that will take place in 2018 will be a challenge whether the quality of national democracy will increase or vice versa. Especially election 2018 will occur in three areas that have the largest number of voters in Indonesia, namely West Java Province, East Java, and Central Java.

    Firman Noor added that direct Regional Head Election should be able to reflect both the core of democracy, competition and participation. Regional Head Election should also contest the quality or competition of candidates and not solely because of popular factors and have large capital only. "Therefore, the General Election in general and elections in the area of granular voting in particular in 2018 must be improved quality compared to the previous Simultaneous Election, in order to consolidate democracy in the region can take place with good and positive impact on the achievement of Local Government, "said Firman.

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