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    Aher Agreed GBHN is Revived


    BALI - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan urges that the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN) be re-implemented in the country. So that the flow and purpose of this nation become more focused.

    "Record in history, Aher is one who agrees to re-establish GBHN or something like that. As a nation we formulate our desires, what it could be our nation looks like in the next 25 years or 50 years. Historical path must be determined early, so the flow of development becomes more focused, "said Aher after the Public Lecture and Inauguration of the Association of Muslims (PUI) Bali Province, on the Stikom Bali campus, Sunday (26/11).

    He said, GBHN is very important in determining the direction of development of this nation in the future. So that development can be more directed in accordance with the desired this nation.

    "We need to formulate clearly the stages of Indonesia's phases in the future that are mutually agreed upon, in the course of the struggle we continue to step on the stage of life. Such as the 1908 stage with the favor of the utomo, the pioneering stages of the resurrection, 1928, and the continuity of the stages of the agreement against the invaders, 1945 succeeded for independence, "he said.

    However, he continued, from 1945 until now the direction of development is still formulated. "The formulation of what we want to do is, of course, the formula is a common formula, mutual agreement and main GBHN.On the fore can be GBHN, or similar like the name GBHN, we formulate together, mutually agreed," he said.

    According to the stages of this time stages need clarity, so there is guidance or clear instructions. "Now what is the name agreed upon, what is clear is that there must be an agreement that we want to achieve, whoever leads our country then refers to the agreed formulation. The vision of a leader and the promise of the leader complements the formulation," he said.

    Furthermore Aher also said, the development direction formula is very important, even it can be a benchmark of the success of a leader who led this nation. (Pun)

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