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    Bandung Regency Coffee Must be Industrialized


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Director of IKM directorate of food, goods from wood and furniture Ministry of Industry Dr.Ir Sudarto, MM will conduct coaching by involving farmer community in order to target to increase the coffee sector industry faster. "Our guidance through community approach will be more productive and more prospective. Industry will process natural resources based on agriculture, plantation, marine, fisheries, and EMR, Sudarto explained.

    This was revealed when he attended the technical guidance of small coffee industry production in West Java, which took place at Antik Hotel Soreang, Saturday (25/11).

    Technically, He revealed, with the presence of the industry will be very influential on the sale value. "So industrialized 1 times roasting for 15 minutes, if used effectively 1 hour can be 4 times roasting result 4 kilo coffee. If there is coffee shop, 1 cup 10 gr, 4 kilo can produce 400 cups, how much the value of the rupiah that can be obtained, "he said.

    In Bandung regency he said, Coffee plantation spread in various sub-districts located in the highlands. Starting from Cimenyan subdistrict, Cilengkrang, Cicalengka, Nagreg, Ibun, Kertasari, Pangalengan, Cimaung, sandjambu, rancabali and Ciwidey. "In addition, there are also in Pacet, Soreang, Ciparay and Arjasari, with the area of people plantations for arabica coffee in Bandung regency, in 2014 recorded about 10,273 hectares with 1017 kilo per hectare productivity," he said.

    With this potential, he continued, on 22 to 25 November 2017 Directorate General of Small and Medium Industry (IKM) ministry of industry, to develop coffee industry in Bandung regency through increasing human resources in the field of roasting and lobes.

    Meanwhile, to ensure the growth of coffee growth activities required coaching in the coffee farmers sector, in order to produce quality green beans in Bandung regency.

    "Similar activities have also been undertaken in key coffee-producing areas such as Lampung, Jambi, Sumbawa and other potential areas. I hope this activity will encourage people's interest to develop coffee and intermediate industries. In the future we will continue the various programs and activities, for the development of coffee climate in Indonesia with a focus on the growth of new entrepreneurs in all potential centers that have Indonesian National Work Competence Standards (SKKNI).

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