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    Paguyuban Urang Sunda Celebrates the 10th Anniversary in Bali


    BULELENG-BALI-Not less than two thousand Bali residents from West Java in Bali Province attended the 10th Anniversary of Panguyuban Urang Sunda (Pusunda) in Bali, Saturday night (25/11/17). West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) accompanied by his wife, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan also attended the event held at Imaco Building, Singaraja, Buleleng, Bali Province.
    Since its establishment in 2007, specifically in Bali, Pusunda has been present in eight regencies and one city in Bali Province. The Sundanese in Bali or Bali resident from West Java reach 40 thousand people with various background of profession and origin of area from West Java.
    Aher is grateful that the citizens of Sunda can attend or wander in Bali. Although only with the scope or purpose of two things, namely in the framework of friendship or kapapaitan (problems or disasters). However, he also wants Pusunda to be present in a wider scope, not only capapaitan but also kamamanisan (excitement) with various programs.
    "Do not be constrained by two cases (friendship and kapapaitan), just open, kapapaitan aya, kamanisan aya oge, so if for example the cooperative fails do not tired, because the failure of success is delayed, that's the business managerial affair maybe," Aher said in his speech.
    "Pusunda should be an umbrella institution that coordinates various interests, guidance and potentials." Please create economic institutions, cooperate with various local institutions, including in cooperation with Bank bjb, "he continued.
    On this occasion, Aher thanked the people and the Provincial Government of Bali. According to him, with open attitude Sundanese people can be received well in Bali.
    "I am grateful to the people of Bali and the Provincial Government of Bali who, with their statesmanship, their openness, their diversity, receive diversity from one another, ethnicity, including religion," Aher said.
    "I must be deeply grateful, it turns out that the Balinese are amazingly open to receiving people from West Java," he added.
    There are sasanti people of West Java, namely Silih Asah, Silih Asuh, Sili Asih, Silih Wawangi. This, said Aher, is very suitable and suitable to be applied together in Balinese society. Through this philosophy, Aher admits that the people of West Java in the overseas are widely praised in various provinces in Indonesia as a society capable of maintaining customs, behavior, comfort, and being able to adapt well, and never in conflict with the local community.
    To support the citizens of West Java in overseas, the West Java Provincial Government since 2013 and then rolled the program Jabar Ngumbara. This program is to encourage the people of West Java in order to wander to seek a better life, especially from the economic side. In addition, the program is also to eliminate the paradigm of the Tatar Sunda community known as "kurung batokeun" or "like frogs in a shell".
    "I ask West Java people or Balinese people from West Java to live peacefully, peacefully, together with the local people, and then voicing the interests of Balinese people and of course join together to build Bali Province because of its obligations in Bali , "says Aher.
    Aher also invites to the citizens of Sunda in Bali and throughout the overseas to continue to settle in the overseas. "Well, when is the obligation to West Java? If it has been a profit (new) just go back to West Java, investing in West Java," he cried.
    In this 10th Anniversary event, Pusunda also attended the Head of Bali Regional Income Board (Bapenda) I Made Santa. I Made came on behalf of Plt. Bali Governor Ketut Sudi Kerta is unable to attend. In his speech by I Made Santa, Ketut Sudi Kerta revealed about the important role of the Sundanese community in Bali. The participation of the Sundanese community in Bali is considered very important in providing services and guidance of morality to members of the organization as well as to the wider community.
    "Therefore, the gathering of Pasundan fellow family in Bali is very important to strengthen the family kinship in the internal organization and in the community of Bali widely," said Ketut.
    "I appreciate and give the highest appreciation of course to the people of Pasundan who have played an active role to jointly build togetherness in Bali," he concluded.
    The 10th anniversary event Pusunda center is always held in different places every year. This year, Buleleng Regency, Bali has the honor of hosting the house. Chairman Pusunda Center Jaka Bandung hopes the event can improve the unity among the Sundanese people across the overseas. Also present in this anniversary event is Pusunda residents in East Java. 

    Responding to the desire of Governor Aher who wants to develop Pusunda not only in two things, Jaka expressed that it will develop the organization from the side of economic empowerment through cooperatives. However, he wants this cooperative composed of Balinese from West Java who already have a Bali ID card. 

    "What we want to overcome, we can make a cooperative but specifically for the identity card in Bali, if not yes," said Jaka.

    There are 30 to 40 thousand citizens of Sunda in Bali with various backgrounds of proffesion, especially entrepreneurs. "There is a identity card majority if you go back, koreh koreh cok didieu terus balik deui (looking for money in Bali then back again to the hometown) . It used to make a living first," said Jaka. 

    One of the Sundanese who attended the event was Muhtar (47) original Tasikmalaya. Muhtar wandered to Bali since 1990. However, he did not stay because he always returned to Tasikmalaya three or six months. While his wife and son still settled in Tasikmalaya. 

    "I am trading, selling curtains and credit items," said Muhtar. 

    Muhtar does not have the desire to continue to live in Bali. However, he hopes to take his son to Bali to work someday.

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