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    Deni Suardini Becomes the Head of West Java BPKP


    BANDUNG-Head of the West Java Development Finance Comptroller (BPKP), who originally held Hamonangan Simarmata was replaced by new officials, Deni Suardini.

    Deni Suardini confirmed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan as Head of West Java BPKP in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Wednesday (27/1).

    Regarding to the inauguration, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said his expectations in a statement to reporters.

    According to the Governor, BPKP as one of the government's internal watchdog agency is expected to play role in carrying out the consultation functions and budget supervisions.

    If the results of BPKP budget study was declared safe, then the budget to be able implemented immediately.

    Governor explained about the budget absorption in West Java by using the precautionary principle. Admittedly, the budget absorption in each fiscal year always implement at the end of the year. Then he hope it could be completed by mid-year. Even for the fiscal year 2016, the contract at several jobs in OPD already implemented.

    Deni in a separate statement said in line with the BPKP’s duties was ready to carry out the mandate on monitoring core strategy for prosperity.

    “The focus is to monitor both national and regional development, and also the accelerated development. Boosting revenue and encourage the realisation of regional spending managed efficiently and securing state assets,” Deni explained.

    In addition, BPKP was ready to improve the clean governance with principles to build governance as a priority to preventive measures.

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