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    Continuing to Loss, This Year PT Inti is Optimistic to Get Profit


    BANDUNG- Strategic SOEs like PT Inti actually has potential for the development of national technology industry. But it echoes over the last four years are less audible even though potential.

    "I entered a year ago, moved from PT Len, quite heavy this SOE because of loss over the last four years, but I like the challenge," said Managing Director PT Inti Darman Mapanggara in his office M Toha Street, Bandung, Saturday (25/11).

    He said the company's losses even up to hundreds of billions, so it could make employees feel inferior. This is what has now been able to change, employees are getting excited and even managed to get an important project from Ministry of Communications and Informatics worth more than Rp180 billion.

    Namely making a device capable of filtering out negative content of pornographic or hate speech in the cyberspace, including social media.

    "It's locally made, so it's more fitting to control the negative language on the internet," he said.

    He asserted this year the company is likely to earn a profit above Rp 1.2 billion. Admittedly the profit is very small, but able to restore confidence of the company previously lost. "We are ready to rise," he said. Jo

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