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    Developing Creative Economy, Coworking Indonesia Invites BRI


    BANDUNG-Coworking Indonesia is partnering with Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), which focuses on developing creative economy and digital ecosystem in the country.

    After holding a Coworking Meeting in Bandung, May 19-21, 2017, Coworking Indonesia Association again invites the community to be familiar with the world coworking space by holding Coworkfest 2017 on 25 and 26 November 2017. Coworkfest 2017 is a festival that will bring many activities such as panels discussions, workshops, entertainment and other exciting activities.

    Initiator Coworkfest 2017 and Co & Co Director of Bandung, Andi Saptari explained with BRI, Coworking Indonesia also held a series of pre-event activities titled BRIng It On which was held in 12 coworking space options spread in various cities from 11 to 22 November 2017.

    The 12 coworking spaces are Coworkinc (Jakarta), Code Margonda (Depok), Clapham.co (Medan), EV.Hive (Tangerang), Kolaborato (Bogor), HYPERLINK "https://www.kumpul.co/" Kumpul (Denpasar), Ngalup (Malang), Impala Space (Semarang), C2O (Surabaya), RKB Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta), CO & CO (Bandung) and Ke: Kini (Jakarta).

    "During the pre-event, every coworking space will present discussion and introduction of local hero in each city," Andi told reporters in Bandung recently.

    According to Andi most people in Indonesia know Coworking Space, just as a place of work. Through Coworkfest 2017 hope people can better understand, that in Coworking Space there are many exciting activities such as workshops, sharing, talk shows, so that can be community, collaborate and connected to each other.

    "Coworking Space is not limited to the workplace but there are some activities that can be community and collaborate," said Andi

    The number of coworking space in Indonesia is predicted to grow every year. Growing coworking space continues to stretch, and to date there are more than 160 points spread across 27 cities across Indonesia.

    "Coworking space will continue to grow," said Andi

    In line with the Deputy Regional Leader of BRI Bandung, Eko Rahayu said so far there are still many people who still lay with the existence of coworking space. In practice, coworking space is not just a stopover place to work, but there are three important things to be emphasized namely collaboration (collaboration), connectivity (connectivity) and community (community).

    Through the activities of Coworkfest 2017, coworking culture in Indonesia continues to grow and support the growth of communities in it.

    Eko revealed that coworking space has an important role in developing the creative economic ecosystem of the country in the eyes of government and corporations, because the real value offered is an opportunity to collaborate and innovate aimed at encouraging the economic movement of Indonesia. Joining the coworking space activists in Coworking Indonesia, they have a venue to collaborate and move with the collective power to advance the coworking movement in Indonesia. If this spirit is transmitted, the creative economy of Indonesia can continue to grow.

    "Entrepreneurship and small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of a country's economy, and coworking is an important element in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems," he concluded (MAT)

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